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Queerly Beloved


Imagine if, after 15 years as a lesbian couple, your partner turned to you and said, "I think I'm really a man." What would you do? How would you respond? For Diane and Jacob (née Suzy) Anderson-Minshall this isn't a hypothetical question. It's what really happened. Eight years later, the couple not only remains together, they still identify as queer, still work in LGBT media, and remain part of the LGBT community. How did their relationship survive a gender transition? The authors explore this question and delve into their relationship to reveal the trials and tribulations they have faced along the way. In doing so, they paint a portrait of love, not only to each other, but to the San Francisco Bay Area, The Simpsons, the media, and the LGBT community. Queerly Beloved is a love story that flies in the face of expectations and raises questions about the true nature of identity, sexuality, and love.  

“Can a relationship last when the person you thought you knew, is really someone different? Can it last when your partner transitions from one gender to the other? These are questions that are often asked, but sadly, very few narratives exist to reveal the answers, that is until Queerly Beloved. Diane and Jacob’s love story and commitment to each other even in times of struggle and uncertainty will give readers hope when exploring their own relationships and the fear surrounding uncertain futures.”

Ryan Sallans, author of Second Son: Transitioning Toward My Desting, Love and Life


“An important story to tell and book to read that highlights the many struggles the LGBT community faces and the complexities that comes with being queer. This is a wonderful patch in the broad and beautiful quilt that is the gay family!”

Perez Hilton

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